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Even worse than a friendzone

I’m getting sick of the term friendzone.

Me too. And, more than that, I’m sick of the people using it.

Women are told almost constantly—by the media, the government, and the overall attitude of society—that our bodies don’t fucking belong to us. The mythical friendzone is just another way for misogynists to enforce that idea while getting to play the victim.

It sucks when someone you have feelings for doesn’t share those feelings; it happens to women all the time, too. We hear “I just want to be friends” and “you’re like one of the guys” and “you’re like a sister to me” just as often. But you’ll never hear a woman complain that guys just don’t appreciate a Nice Girl because we’re taught it’s our own fucking fault when we’re rejected—we aren’t pretty enough or thin enough or sexy enough, we weren’t sexual enough or were too sexual, we put out too much or too little or too soon or not soon enough, we didn’t wear our hair the right way or our skirt the right length, we’re “too tomboyish” or “too butch” or “too feminine”, or we’re “not their type”, or we’re otherwise not good enough in various ways to entice the man to grace us with his affection.

But when we’re not interested in someone, we’re vilified. We’re the bitch that lead them on, the bitch who let them buy us dinner but didn’t want to date them, the bitch who doesn’t appreciate a nice guy, the bitch they were nice to and then got nothing in return from.

And, frankly, fuck those people. Showing interest in me, being friendly with me, getting close to me, or eating a meal with me (even if they paid for it) doesn’t obligate me to open my heart or my legs. And anyone who doesn’t appreciate my friendship sure as hell doesn’t deserve my love or my pussy.

^Reblogging for the commentary.
Seriously guys, using the term “friend zone” as a negative is really insulting.  As delacroix pointed out, it’s nearly always applied when a girl rejects a guy. It’s like saying that a woman’s friendship is worth nothing, like she is worthless because she’s not having sex with them. Stop vilifying the women who turn you down, and move on. 


And stop pretending you’re her friend if the only reason you’re “friends” with her is because you want to get her into bed. That’s fucked up and all it tells me is that you have no respect for her as a person because you place no value on the friendship you have.

Oh, and if you’re only being “friendly” with me because you want to get into my pants, news flash:

Get over yourself and learn to value women as people and friends instead of romantic/sexual objects that you, for some idiotic reason, feel entitled to, or don’t bother even trying to talk to me. I’m not about to waste my time on you if you’re just going to turn around and play the victim or call me a bitch just because I don’t love you the way you want me to.

Also I can’t help but notice that the majority of the “Nice Guy” stories I hear involve the guy doing everything he can to be there for the girl, like a good friend should, but expecting more without ever bothering to voice his feelings. Yet somehow, it’s her fault for accepting the support of someone she thinks is her friend without realizing he’s trying to be more than that?

I’m really running out of fucks to give about Nice Guys and their constant whining.

All this beautiful commentary. I approve.


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